Reng on running

“Running is the most natural sport of mankind. We always used to run,” argues author Ronald Reng. After a string of enormously successful books on football, the German author is now drawing readers’ attention on another sport.

“Warum wir laufen” analyses the fascination of professional long-distance running and everybody’s leisure-time jogging. Speaking to Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine (HNA), Reng claims: “Running makes daily life issues seem less dramatic and helps us to stay healthy.”

Speaking about his passion for the sport, Reng explains: “I quit running on a regular basis when he had kids. Apart from that, I wrote books with an immense determination. Writing became the most important aspect in my life. Now, as I’ve restarted training, I have no idea why I felt like that.”

Reng penned a shockingly intense and deeply moving biography on Robert Enke, the talented but contested goalkeeper who committed suicide (“Robert Enke. Ein allzu kurzes Leben”). Another book of the writer and sports journalist – who resided in London and Barcelona before moving to South Tyrol – tells the short-lived English Premier League career of Lars Leese (“Der Traumhüter”).

His oeuvre furthermore features books on Heinz Höher, a retired coach who worked for Bundesliga clubs nearly all his life without stepping into the spotlight (“Spieltage. Die andere Geschichte der Bundesliga”) and “Barca. Die Entdeckung des schönen Fußballs”, a collection of essays on the brilliance of FC Barcelona’s game.

In “Warum wir laufen”, Reng analyses recent developments in running such as the increasing usage of high-tech gadgets and apps, but it is childhood that lies at the heart of the story. Reng became one of Hesse’s best middle-distance athletes after failing to excel in soccer.

“My mother used to compete in marathons, and my sister was member of a track and field association,” he tells HNA, adding that “one of my few goals in life is to keep on running forever (…) I was once forced to switch to cycling due to an injury and I hated it.”

Warum wir laufen
By Ronald Reng
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