Germany. Ground Zero. Gaza.

The fall of the Berlin Wall. 9/11. Hardship in Gaza. The frozen conflict in Cyprus. The 2015 refugee crisis.

There is plenty of ground to cover in Christian Sievers’ book. The German journalist worked for local US television and as the ZDF’s Middle East correspondent before becoming the broadcaster’s primetime news anchor.

“Grauzonen” tells from the difficulties of reporters as they are urged to rush out breaking news reports while the story is still developing. Sievers now also knows how hard it is for the programme editors to create a sensible 20-minute distillation of what is going on in the world.

Fascinated by journalism and reporting already as a teen, Sievers describes how he managed to get a job at WTNH-TV in New Haven, Connecticut, before joining the ZDF. He flew to New York after the World Trade Center terror attacks to capture the atmosphere in the Big Apple.

“Grauzonen” also features heart-stopping moments while covering the war between Israel and Hamas, impressions from refugees’ route to Europe and a visit in Cyprus where the absurdities of diplomacy overshadow the root cause of the confrontation.

Grauzonen. Geschichten aus der Welt hinter den Nachrichten
By Christian Sievers
Published by Rowohlt (

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