Man Ray masterpieces

There have never been any doubts concerning Man Ray’s credentials as a photographer. But his creative output as a painter deserves to be reassessed too, as a new exhibit confirms.

Man Ray’s portraits were published by the world’s leading magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair. Already in 1936, he portrayed Salvador Dali. Other outstanding images depict Hollywood star Ava Gardner (1950) and French actress Catherine Deneuve (1968).

All of these works are currently on display at the Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna. The exhibition enables visitors to discover Man Ray’s excellent photography. However, it underlines his skills as a painter too.

Man Ray always strived for recognition but eventually focused on photography, assuming he would never be on par with ingenious contemporaries such as Dali, Max Ernst and Pablo Picasso. But his paintings must be evaluated once more. Man Ray’s 1938 masterpiece “La Fortune”, “La rue Ferou” and “Mon premier amour”, both from 1952, are impeccable oil on canvas achievements.

The Viennese gallery also presents early experimental gelatine silver prints, photos, smaller etchings, lithographs and sculptures which cause confusion as they convey a whole string of allusive hints.

Visit for information on opening times and upcoming events.

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