Checking China

China is determined to overtake the United States in high-tech shortly after having made headway in numerous other sectors. The country with a population of 1.4 billion has become a strong and thriving economy – despite a recent slight slump in growth.

After having covered the Soviet Union, the United States and developments in Brussels for Austrian broadcasting corporation ORF, Raimund Löw settled in Beijing. His book “Weltmacht China” helps understanding what is happening in Asia right now. The experienced foreign correspondent took the opportunity to take a profound look on economic issues such as government interference in most relevant branches and sociological developments caused by the enforced working migration.

Löw’s wife Kerstin Witt-Löw has contributed short blog-like diary essays which tell from day to day challenges expats in China are confronted with. However, she also writes about the most memorable experiences travelling the country – from communication difficulties to extraordinary food and breathtaking monuments and nature.

Who will come out on top as the United States and China keep jostling for power? How did Xi Jinping manage to cement his position as undoubted leader for a lifetime? What are his policies on North Korea, Tibet and the intensifying trade war kicked off by Donald Trump? No one can say with certainty whether China’s economic rise is set to continue infinitely. But “Weltmacht China” is getting you as close as you can get to find out all you need to know about China in the 21st century.

Weltmacht China
By Raimund Löw and Kerstin Witt-Löw
Published by Residenz Verlag (

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