True Detectives

Thomas Brezina has created lots of fascinating characters and over the years but now he is back with what is arguably his trump card.

“Schatten der Zukunft” is the title of the latest Knickerbocker-Bande instalment. Having restarted the series about four teenage detectives with “Alte Geister ruhen unsanft”, Brezina – whose books sold over 40 million copies – has decided to continue it due to overwhelmingly positive feedback online and at several bookshop events all over Austria.

“I wasn’t really sure whether to continue after having written two chapters,” Brezina said about the restart, adding that the enormous number of suggestions from long-time readers and fans of Axel, Lilo, Poppi and Dominik encouraged him. Now it seems that a rediscovering of the bestseller writer by a younger generation is underway thanks to his Instagram posts.

Asked to explain the fascination for the new Knickerbocker-Bande volumes, the author, who lives in Vienna and London, said: “It’s not just nostalgia. Readers are also wondering what happened to this group of friends who used to be their childhood heroes.”

Knickerbocker4immer: Schatten der Zukunft
By Thomas Brezina
Published by Ecowin (

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