Girls and the ghetto

He describes himself as a rather good-looking chap with decent German skills who enjoyed a cosmopolite upbringing. Nevertheless, Todor Ovtcharov still struggles getting along in Vienna. Having lived here for years, the young Bulgarian experienced some outrageously hilarious encounters.

In an approach comparable to Wladimir Kaminer’s “Russendisko”, “Die Leiden des jungen Todor” features anecdotes from how to handle gangsters in Vienna’s “ghetto districts” to interminable troubles linked with Pamela Anderson. Ovtcharov would like to take Karl Marx to Lugner City shopping mall and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to a drum and bass bash. He describes what it was like to grow up behind the Iron Curtain and how he felt as he entered unfamiliar territory for the first time. According to Ovtcharov, integration is nothing but modern feudalism. He warns from the risk of a life-threatening escalation of hugging and kissing rituals.

Some readers will reject certain argumentations. However, Ovtcharov’s straight-forward approach is immensely entertaining and delightful.

Die Leiden des jungen Todor
By Todor Ovtcharov
Published by redelsteiner dahimene edition (

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