Not drawing the line at Dürer

Albrecht Dürer’s achievements are revered around the globe but the critical confrontation with his oeuvre is anything but finished. Klaus-Rüdiger Mai’s biography eventually fills this gap.

“Dürer. Das Universalgenie der Deutschen” is a carefully drafted portrait of the German Renaissance’s figurehead. Dürer was not only one of the most outstanding painters of his era. Born in Nuremberg in 1471, his brain was putting together facts and clues in a way many could never understand.

Intrigued by astrology and mathematics, Dürer also revolutionised copperplate and wood engravings. In this way, he extended his artistic spectrum in spectacular fashion. But his portraits are undoubtedly still the most celebrated part of his portfolio.

Written with enthusiasm and extensive expert knowledge, Mai delivers a brilliant assessment of a terrific artist and the era he lived his.

Dürer. Das Universalgenie der Deutschen
By Klaus-Rüdiger Mai
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