The boy is mine

One of the most popular plays by famed playwright Johann Nepomuk Nestroy is to be performed for the 50th time at Vienna’s Burgtheater.

“Liebesgeschichten und Heiratssachen” is a turbulent rollercoaster ride featuring a handful of notorious characters. While some of them are trying to ensure that their pristine reputation remains unaffected, others are busy backstabbing.

Nestroy was a shrewd observer of 19th century society. His hard-hitting plays have been delighting audiences with absolutely unimaginable twists and turns. Director Georg Schmiedleitner has created a thoroughly beguiling exhibition of self-centred individuals.

Television star Gregor Bloeb – who has controversially been given the leading role – is really pulling it off as quick-tempered Florian Fett. Markus Meyer – who plays Nebel, a witty crook – is also causing some show-stopping moments. Regina Fritsch and Marie-Luise Stockinger excellently muddle through this big maze of romantic confusion.

It is just a shame that the brilliant Alexandra Henkel – her “Girls & Boys” monologue is this season’s sensation – is featuring in just a vacuous supporting role in this astutely arranged two-and-a-half hour delight.

On 18th May, Schmiedleitner’s adaption of the play Nestroy penned in 1843 will be performed for the 50th time. Visit to purchase your ticket.

Photo: © Georg Soulek / Burgtheater

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