Conflict & cooperation

The intense battle between Woodrow Wilson and the Grand Old Party about the League of Nations is at the crucial subject of a new biography of the 28th POTUS.

After lecturing assignments at different universities, Wilson became Governor of New Jersey and subsequently President of the United States. Those in favour of his agenda think that the nation owes him a debt of gratitude for making the world a better place by joining the war against the Central Powers. They also praise his resilience regarding the establishment of an international union of states aiming at worldwide peace.1

Wilson considered his League of Nations concept as an allegory for hope. Travelling across the country to increase support for the idea was an extremely exhausting effort. Making concessions was absolutely out of the question for Wilson whose physical ailments eventually stopped him from carrying on. As a consequence, militantly conservative Republicans gained an edge over Wilson who even considered running for another term after having suffered several strokes.

“Woodrow Wilson. Amerika und die Neuordnung der Welt” portrays an infamously determined but also stubborn personality. The acrimonious debate over his legacy is set to continue as historian Manfred Berg creates a colourful portrait not just of the late US president but also of his fiercest rivals, the leaders of the Allied Powers in World War One and society at the beginning of the 20th century.

Woodrow Wilson. Amerika und die Neuordnung der Welt
By Manfred Berg
Published by C.H. Beck (

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