Where have you Bim?

Vienna is reputed to have one of the most reliable public transport services in Europe. Its 172-kilometre tracks consisting of 1,053 stops make Vienna the city with the sixth-largest tram network in the world, beaten only by Melbourne, Saint Petersburg, Sofia, Berlin and Moscow.

Every holidaymaker loves the special appeal of Schönbrunn Palace and the many attractions situated in the city centre. Now two authors have decided to create a guide considering all areas of Vienna.1

“Wien entdecken mit der Bim” confirms that it’s not all doom and gloom on the outskirts of the Austrian capital. Examining districts which are quite certainly uncharted territory to most tourists, Thomas Hofmann and Beppo Beyerl offer comprehensive background information on lovely parks, traditional markets pressurised by new shopping malls and monuments commemorating incidents and personalities as diverse as you can imagine – from the nuclear detonation at Hiroshima to a renowned Viennese surgeon.

The authors had the courage to vent their frustration over certain traffic and infrastructure developments their hometown has undergone in the past few decades. Readers determined to look beyond the glitzy surface will find a lot to admire here as “Wien entdecken mit der Bim” tells from suburban Jugendstil buildings, defunct factories, the former Communist Party headquarter and the homes of famous residents like late artist Gustav Klimt and football legend Matthias Sindelar.

Wien entdecken mit der Bim
By Beppo Beyerl & Thomas Hofmann
Published by Styria (www.styriabooks.at)

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