Potzmann return as Rapid clash with LASK

Marvin Potzmann has left Rapid but he will face his ex-teammates on the pitch later this week.adm4

The defender joined the Green-Whites from Sturm Graz ahead of last season. Potzmann, 25, was an important part of the squad for some months, but dropped out of the starting line-up due to injuries and a couple of poor performances at the beginning of this year. He had to accept in the first few weeks of this season that Mert Müldür and new signings Maximilian Ullmann and Thorsten Schick have become mandatory first-team picks for coach Dietmar Kühbauer.

Now Champions League qualification contenders LASK confirmed that Potzmann signed a three-year contract – just a few days ahead of the team’s clash with Rapid (Saturday 5pm, Allianz Stadion Vienna). LASK manager Valerien Ismael praised Potzmann’s experience by emphasising his 160 Bundesliga appearances.

LASK have kept the upper hand against Rapid on the most recent occasions. However, Rapid kicked out the Linz side in a breathtaking penalty shootout thriller in last season’s ÖFB Cup. Rapid celebrated a 1-0 away win against Sturm on Sunday. “It wasn’t a beautiful game, but we got three points. That’s what matters the most,” Rapid captain Stefan Schwab – who found the net – said.

>> http://www.skrapid.at

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