Use Your Illusion

The stakes have never been higher for Daniel Kehlmann since the release “Die Vermessung der Welt” (Measuring the World) in 2005. His brilliant historic novel developed into one of the most successful books in decades. Its cinematic adaption helped the book to reach an even broader readership.1.jpg

Now Kehlmann has taken his readers back in time once again. “Tyll” – which is now out as a 480-page paperback – has also found wide acclaim among readers and critics.

The book tells from the astonishing life of Till Eulenspiegel, a 14th century joker and acrobat who overcomes all opposition – either thanks to his outstanding skills or by sheer force of personal charm.

But with its witty dialogues and easily digestible philosophical elements, “Tyll” is also a compelling portrait of royal triumph and doom, devastating battles and personal tragedy.

While a review in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung even claimed “Tyll” was Kehlmann’s best book to date, the ZDF’s Claudio Armbruster lauded “Tyll” as “utterly fantastic”. Frankfurter Rundschau literary expert Judith von Sternburg said the novel was “wildly entertaining”.

By Daniel Kehlmann
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