Saints & Sinners

One of Austria’s most prolific novelists has released the story of a clergyman’s life.

“Der Mann, der Verlorenes wiederfindet” by Michael Köhlmeier portrays Anthony of Padua struggling to make peace with his past. Unfortunately, this publication does not have the potential to fascinate as many readers his epic novel “Abendland” from 2007.

1The friar looks back on the major turning points of his life. On just about 150 pages, the author from Vorarlberg portrays Anthony as a devout Christian who just cannot find forgiveness. While the relentless focus on lessons from the bible and hot-button Christian issues may put off some readers, the tales about childhood adventures and his venerated grandfather are heart-warming.

While “Der Mann, der Verlorenes wiederfindet” is undisputed evidence of Köhlmeier’s unique talent, booklovers who dislike a strong spiritual element should keep their hands off “Der Mann, der Verlorenes wiederfindet” and opt for “Madalyn” or the marvellous “Das Mädchen mit dem Fingerhut” instead.

Der Mann, der Verlorenes wiederfindet
By Michael Köhlmeier

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