The Odd Couple

David Lindsay-Abaire’s “Ripcord” about the uneasy relationship of two retirement home residents is now part of the Volkstheater’s repertoire.

“Die Reißleine” portrays Abby, an old lady who is doing everything she can to make the other people’s life worse. Always cheerful, her new roommate Marilyn is not yet ready to concede defeat. Acting as if she were completely invulnerable, she tries to ignore Abby’s rudeness.1

Directed by Anna Marboe, “Die Reißleine” – which is a cornerstone element of the theatre’s Bezirke project – is certainly not moving in uncharted territory. But played with enthusiasm, this is a fine piece of comedy. Erika Mottl as Marilyn and Julian Waldner as carer Scotty are outstanding.

The next performances of “Die Reißleine” are set to take place at VZ PAHO in Vienna-Favoriten tomorrow (Tuesday, 7.30pm) and at VZ Großjedlersdorf in Vienna-Floridsdorf on Friday (7.30pm).


Photo: © Christine Miess / Volkstheater

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