Gottschalk on booze, kids & the blaze

When broadcasting executives axed his primetime show, Thomas Gottschalk might have felt as if this were the end of the road for him. But the entertainer just carried on. Embarking on other television projects and returning to radio, Gottschalk just kept on going. A bestselling autobiography was just the icing on the cake.1

Now there’s “Herbstbunt”, another book by the tousle-haired presenter and actor. While “Herbstblond. Die Autobiografie” was an ideal opportunity to look back on the many heart-stopping moments of his showbiz career, “Herbstbunt” is an astonishingly humble reflection on highly personal issues.

Gottschalk – who fell in love with another woman after having being married for more than 40 years – abstains from launching a war of words with his ex-wife, underlining he would keep certain details to himself. But the 69-year-old television legend’s new book is a no-holds-barred reflection of getting older.

Invariably portrayed as the bragging entertainer, Gottschalk opens up on how he tried to curb his drinking. He admits constant weight gain worries and hits out at would-be starlets propelled to fame on Instagram. On a more serious note, Gottschalk looks back on the day he learned that a fierce blaze erased his Californian mansion.

Herbstbunt. Wer nur alt wird, aber nicht klüger, ist schön blöd
By Thomas Gottschalk
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