Red Star

Bruno Kreisky is without a doubt one of Austria’s most influential politicians of all time. In office for 13 years, the late chancellor carried out substantial modernisation measures in the 1970s. Feared for brilliantly outmanoeuvring all opposition, Kreisky still has many admirers.1

In 2011, retired diplomat and Kreisky assistant Wolfgang Petritsch published a book about the social democratic icon. “Bruno Kreisky. Die Biogafie” deservedly sold well as it offers a comprehensive overview on his achievements but also intense insights on personal aspects.

Now Petritsch presents “Ich bin der Meinung… Bruno Kreisky – Sprüche und Widersprüche”, a collection of Kreisky quotes.

Many of Kreisky’s infamous statements are without a doubt amusing. But at merely 80 pages, “Ich bin der Meinung…” unfortunately lacks subtlety and substance.

Ich bin der Meinung… Bruno Kreisky – Sprüche und Widersprüche
By Wolfgang Petritsch
Published by Ueberreuter (

Rebel with a Cause

He has never shied away from speaking his mind, regardless of what people would say – so why should Ewald Lienen suddenly act more cautious as he looks back on his career?

“Ich war schon immer ein Rebell. Mein Leben mit dem Fußball” is an intriguing no-holds-barred reflection of the German football legend.1

Always considered as a left-wing eccentric by conservative players, fans and club representatives, Lienen especially in the 1970s and 1980s raised his voice against far-right tendencies in society and nuclear armament.

In his autobiography, the former Arminia Bielefeld and Borussia Mönchengladbach striker argues why he did not yield an inch in these phases of seismic change.

“Ich war schon immer ein Rebell” underlines that there has always been more to it all for Lienen than just playing top-flight football.

Of course, Lienen enjoys looking back on playing memorable matches and his astonishing experiences as manager in Spain, Greece and Romania. But meeting his wife Rosa for the first time, and their engagement handicapped children are key parts of the book – and his life.

Ich war schon immer ein Rebell. Mein Leben mit dem Fußball
By Ewald Lienen
Published by Piper (

Eastern Promises

A renowned journalist and a celebrated actor have embarked on a rather unusual trip to former East Germany to find out more about residents’ perception of Germany’s reunification.1

Author Lucas Vogelsang encountered film star Joachim Krol at a party in 2009. After having broken the ice by chatting about football, they contemplated travelling to eastern Germany together. Nine years later, Vogelsang and Krol eventually kicked off their road trip.

“Was wollen die denn hier?” features intriguing portraits of border region residents and former GDR citizens. Vogelsang and Krol met with the owner of a bizarre collection of communist paraphernalia, an ex-border guard, an actor who co-starred alongside Krol in their cult film “Wir können auch anders” and a policewoman who fled to West Germany just two days before the decline of the regime.

Recent German history is without a doubt a bottomless well of stories of all kind. “Was wollen die denn hier?” pays tribute to the strength of individuals keeping their chin up in a personally and economically difficult environment.

Was wollen die denn hier? Deutsche Grenzerfahrungen
By Lucas Vogelsang & Joachim Krol
Published by Rowohlt (