Terror & Turmoil

An expert on the Middle East is revealing a direct correlation between corruptible elites and the uprising in the region. In his book “Arabisches Beben. Die wahren Gründe der Krise im Nahen Osten”, Rainer Hermann surprisingly refers to the 17th century Treaty of Westphalia when it comes to examining potential restructure measures for Syrian, Libya and Iraq.1

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung journalist – who studied at universities in Freiburg, Basel, Rennes and Damascus – offers a bleak outlook. Hermann suggests that violence, terror and turmoil will continue to shatter the area for many decades to come.

“Arabisches Beben” reviews the first hint of revolt in Tunisia in 2011 but also underlines the devastating consequences of the controversial Sykes-Picot agreement from 1916.

Hermann – who was based in Istanbul and Abu Dhabi for many years – painstakingly documents how the US invasion of Iraq provided fertile ground for the Islamic State and other terrorist organisations.

Considering the deepening rift in the affected nations’ societies, uncertainties concerning the United States’ foreign policies and the European Union’s possible role as a negotiator, “Arabisches Beben” has discouraging news.

Arabisches Beben. Die wahren Gründe der Krise im Nahen Osten
By Rainer Hermann
Published by Klett-Cotta (www.klett-cotta.de)

Seaside Slaughter

1Warnemünde is an idyllic seaside resort. But news of a horrific series of killings are sending shockwaves through the town in the book by Jana Jürß. Seven decapitated female bodies are found within seven days at the Baltic Sea in “Ostseekiller”. The German author’s smart storytelling will let you shiver with fear.

“Ostseekiller” is just one of numerous spine-tingling crime stories released by Gmeiner Verlag. “Alles Geld der Welt” by Gerhard Loibelsberger and Wildis Streng’s “Die letzte Kurve” are among its most recent publications of that genre.

The publishing house previously put out “Schaurige Weihnacht überall”, an acclaimed Christmas time thriller by Friederike Schmöe who is also the author of “Schockstarre” from 2007 and “Wernievergibt” (2011) among numerous other crime novels.

By Jana Jürß
Published by Gmeiner (www.gmeiner-verlag.de)

Kill the Radio Star

Anders Droka, a popular radio host, witnesses a heinous homicide on his way home from what was supposed to be his final night-time broadcast.1

After finding out that the victim was a high-ranked executive responsible for the axing of his beloved show, Droka decides to investigate the mysterious killing. Having become a suspect himself, he follows an attractive young singer-songwriter to southern France who seems to be linked with the murder somehow.

“Helvetia 2.0” is an engrossing page-turner with astonishing twists in the plot. In his ninth, novel, Urs Augstburger tells from consulting agencies and investment firms directed by cold-hearted individuals. Aiming at increased political influence, they do not shy away from carrying out demoralising cutbacks in the fiercely competitive newspaper and broadcasting industry.

Helvetia 2.0
By Urs Augstburger
Published by Tropen (www.tropen.de)