The Summertime Bookshelf

smartLet’s take a look at some enticing literary options for the holiday season.

“Winterbienen” is another epic novel by Norbert Scheuer. Having released books like “Die Sprache der Vögel” and “Am Grund des Universums” to unanimous acclaim over the last few years, “Winterbienen” has been lauded as “a fascinating piece of literature” that “conveys all human emotion: hope, fear, joy”.

By Norbert Scheuer
Published by C.H. Beck (

Niko Alm is examining the strong ties between lawmaking institutions and the church. Investigating issues such as charity, state subsidies and ideology “Ohne Bekenntnis” confronts us with uncomfortable contradictions. At the end, the former Neos MP does not just list sources and links but also an appealing playlist featuring Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine and NOFX.

Ohne Bekenntnis. Wie mit Religion Politik gemacht wird
By Niko Alm
Published by Residenz Verlag (

“Wir zerschneiden die Schwerkraft” is the first major release by Irmgard Fuchs. Born in Salzburg, Fuchs studied in Vienna and Berlin. Having been awarded with several scholarships, this 200-page collection underlines her reputation as one of Austria’s most promising young authors.

Wir zerschneiden die Schwerkraft
By Irmgard Fuchs
Published by Kremayr & Scheriau (

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