The Foreign Ministry Nazi Files

An investigating commission consisting of renowned historians has been given access to a large number of top secret files. Their task: compiling a report on foreign ministry officials and diplomats during the Third Reich.1

Who has secretly counteracted the Nazis’ agenda? Have those in charge of atrocities been brought to justice in post-war trials? And how where clerks and officials of all echelons integrated into Germany’s newly established institutions from 1945 on?

Norbert Frei, Peter Hayes, Eckart Conze and Moshe Zimmermann have earned wide acknowledgement for accomplishing their demanding task. However, there have also been less-than-flattering reactions – and the debate continues.

Das Amt und die Vergangenheit. Deutsche Diplomaten im Dritten Reich und in der Bundesrepublik
By Eckart Conze, Norbert Frei, Peter Hayes & Moshe Zimmermann
Published by Pantheon (

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