When You Were Young

Stefanie Sargnagel is the dark horse of Austrian literature. Known for her excessive partying, she shot to fame thanks to the hilarious spontaneity of her Facebook postings. But now the Vienna-based writer admits that she recently dialled it down a notch.

“I wouldn’t call myself settled and well-behaved. But at a certain point, you just have to take care of yourself a bit better unless you want to die at the age of 40. Going out every night is just something I can’t do anymore,” Sargnagel, 34, told ZEITmagazin.

Sargnagel’s most recent release, “Dicht. Aufzeichnungen einer Tagediebin”, became an instant smash hit. The book – with is her first novel, underlines her brilliant storytelling skills as she writes about growing up in the Austrian capital. “Dicht” could help Sargnagel to finally reach the broader audiences – not that she was aiming at it.

Asked whether pals from the old days were mad at her now, she said: “Not at all. But some are pissed off about not being mentioned in the book.”

Dicht. Aufzeichnungen einer Tagediebin
By Stefanie Sargnagel
Published by Rowohlt (www.rowohlt.de)

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