Come and Sea

Gerhard Richter is nothing less than one of the most important contemporary German painters. Now a Viennese museum provides fascinating insights into his oeuvre.

The Bank Austria (BA) Kunstforum’s “Landschaft” (Landscape) underlines the strong influence of avant-garde photography and the large canvases of Emil Jakob Schindler, Caspar David Friedrich and Gerhard Brandl on the 88-year-old artist from Dresden.

Covid-19 restrictions will keep modern art enthusiasts from visiting this astonishing exhibition after Christmas. Curated by Lisa Ortner-Kreil and Hubertus Butin, “Landschaft” is a true gem with its variety of lesser-known paintings from private collections. But Richter’s almost sinister clouds and sea horizon canvases turn this exhibition into an invaluable experience.

For information on post-lockdown opening hours, guided tours and events, please visit

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