Back in the U.S.S.R.

The difficult relationship between Russia and Europe is the subject of Hugo Portisch’s most recent book. Considering Portisch’s achievements, “Russland und wir” is a massive disappointment.

Relying on decades of experience, the award-winning author and journalist takes a look at past occurrences – from first settlement movements to the collapse of communism – to determine a solution for the near future.

Unfortunately, Portisch struggles creating a direct correlation between conflicts like the 19th century Crimean War and today’s challenges. His portrayal of a visit to Siberia back when the Soviet Union still existed take up a disproportionally large part of this 140-page publication which costs a hefty 20 Euros.

Portisch dedicates just a few pages to the communication between Vladimir Putin, Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel. Reading “Russland und wir” feels like looking at a picture hanging askew. This book is a missed opportunity.

Russland und wir. Eine Beziehung mit Geschichte und Zukunft
By Hugo Portisch
Published by Ecowin (

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