Ballpoint Wizards

“I’ve always been interested in the relationship between people who are in charge and those in the background,” Manfred Matzka explains regarding the intention of his latest book. “Hofräte, Einflüsterer, Spin-Doktoren” is a multi-faceted view on the political engine room.

On 250 pages, Matzka – who had positions in federal ministries and the chancellery for 35 years – portraits the most influential advisors. “Today ministry secretaries are all of almost the same age. They use similar phrases. They focus on no one else but their boss,” the author of “Die Staatskanzler. 300 Jahre Macht und Intrige am Ballhausplatz” told the Tiroler Tageszeitung.

The 15 chapters of “Hofräte, Einflüsterer, Spin-Doktoren” underline Matzka’s unmatched knowledge of procedures in Austria’s decision-making conferences throughout the centuries. From Johann Christoph von Bartenstein, the advisor to Maria Theresa and her son Joseph II., to today’s suave strategists – this book will help you understanding top-tier politics in Austria in the past 300 years.

Hofräte, Einflüsterer, Spin-Doktoren. 300 Jahre graue Eminenzen am Ballhausplatz
By Manfred Matzka
Published by Christian Brandstätter Verlag (

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