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Going for a walk has become increasingly popular during the various Covid-19 lockdowns. Can “Besser gehen in Wien” be more than just another collection of short stories about different routes for strolls through the Austrian capital? It certainly can.

Christian Seiler is an author that wears his heart on his sleeve. He does not hesitate when it comes to making aware of architectural controversies and urban planning missteps. Seiler – arguably one of Austria’s most versatile writers who can look back on a string of acclaimed books and innovative media projects – is not mired in nostalgia. Throughout the 89 chapters of “Besser gehen in Wien”, he encourages readers to think flexibly, take a second look and opt for alternative directions.

Seiler’s foreword comes with a warning regarding his ignorance of Vienna’s famous sights since the book is not about Burgtheater, Karlskirche and Rathaus. The author names areas with room for improvement and deplores missed opportunities when it comes to restructuring certain regions.

“Besser gehen in Wien” always underlines the positive aspects, for example on Gumpendorfer Straße, a street in the sixth district where motorists keep ignoring the speed limit. Seiler focuses on its rich variety of shops without turning a blind eye to the yet unsolved traffic issue.

Find out with “Besser gehen in Wien” which gallery just outside Vienna’s busy Gürtel road is “cool and elegant” and why the city’s new main station is an “ungenerous place” and a “planning mess”. With its many hints and advices, this book offers totally new perspectives on a city we thought we knew so well.

Besser gehen in Wien. 89 Spaziergänge ins Innere der schönsten Stadt der Welt
By Christian Seiler
Published by CSV (

Glory Days

Harley-Davidson is so much more than just a motorcycle manufacturer.

“111 Harley-Stories, die man kennen muss” demonstrates how the company jostled its way for success – from its first product, a three horsepower bike in 1901 to the retirement of designer and grandson of co-founder William G. Davidson, Willie G. Davidson, at the age of 78 in 2012. “111 Harley-Stories, die man kennen muss” holds numerous anecdotes such as the one about the brand’s innovative Project Nova Series which was launched in 1976, a difficult period for the firm full of uncertainties and aggravated competition. On 300 pages, many other legendary models earn the recognition they deserve.

First and foremost, “111 Harley-Stories, die man kennen muss” is a well-crafted photo book which, thanks to the rich variety of stories and anecdotes, will give motorcycling enthusiasts a profound thrill.

111 Harley-Stories, die man kennen muss
By Dirk Mangartz
Published by Emons (

All Night Long

A little bit of nostalgia can’t do any harm, especially in these difficult times. The latest book by Beppo Beyerl and Thomas Hofmann is a magnificent journey back in time.

Richly illustrated and based on numerous newspaper articles, official documents, postcards and ads, “Wiener Vergnügungen. Die Stadt von gestern” portrays entertainment and events in Vienna before and after World War One.

The authors describe how measures to regulate the Danube in 1870 offered new free-time opportunities. “Wiener Vergnügungen. Die Stadt von gestern” also underlines the city’s passion for music – from concerts commemorating the 100th anniversary of Franz Schubert’s death to a festival in 1928 called Sängerbundfest attended by 40,000. Especially the chapter on the spectacular success of waltz geniuses Johann Strauss and Joseph Lanner captures the festive atmosphere back in the days.

Anecdotes about activities like ice-skating, cycling and swimming add to the special appeal of “Wiener Vergnügungen. Die Stadt von gestern”.

Wiener Vergnügungen. Die Stadt von gestern
By Thomas Hofmann & Beppo Beyerl
Published by Styria (