Quel plaisir!

Learning a foreign language takes a cool nerve.

The French version of Langenscheidt’s Sprachkalender series is a reliable companion through the year with its appealing mix of excellent exercises, mouth-watering recipes, useful dialogues and interesting articles on customs and traditions.

Find out more about the origin of the close political ties between Germany and France, the latter country’s landmark 19th century waste management reform and the history of the delicious Reblochon cheese.

Quotes by celebrated authors and philosophers like Georges Courteline and Gustave Flaubert are not the calendar’s centrepiece but a welcome change before tricky grammar tasks are being put on your agenda the following day.

Langenscheidt Sprachkalender 2021 Französisch
By Katalin Golya & Fabienne Schmaus
Published by Langenscheidt (www.langenscheidt.com)